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Support Our Troops

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American troops are fighting right now all over the world and giving their lives in defense of our country.  We appreciate their service and dedication to the country so that we may go about living in freedom.

Ways to Support Our Troops…

When you purchase a gift card to support the troops, you are giving them online access to over 12,000 unique greeting cards that they can then send back home to loved ones.

It is basically the same as being able to walk into a brick front card store and selecting birthday, holiday, thank you, and other similar cards but it is all done online.

The cards are then printed, stuffed, and mailed to the receiver.

COST…Standard Gift Card = $25.00 (USD)

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10 High Quality, Glossy Finished, Greeting Cards

10 First Class Postage Stamps

How Does it Work?

Once gift card and password is received, sender can sign into a
personal greeting card account, select desired card, include personal
greetings and a picture, and have card mailed to recipient.

Cards can be selected from catalog and dozens of different categories.

Sender can also upload personal photo and place it inside greeting cards.

Requirement for Use:  Standard Internet Access.  Password/User name is
sent via mail inside purchased gift card.

How Long Does It Take?

Cards are delivered like normal U.S. mail so 3-5 days is rough estimate.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for receipt of the actual gift card.   Times may be
slightly longer for delivery via FPO addresses overseas.

Note:  Please specify upon purchase if you would like the gift card mailed to
a specific armed forces member oversears or in the U.S. or sent to a military
support organization like USO.  Please include name, mailing address, and
contact email address of the gift card recipient.

pixel Support Our Troops

Questions can be sent at
or via (attn:  Sharon).

Your Support Is Appreciated.

More Ways to Support Our Troops…

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Fight for the Troops

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