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FDA Warns That Ambien’s Effects Can Linger In Bodies

ambien FDA Warns That Ambiens Effects Can Linger In Bodies

Are pharmaceutical drugs dangerous? Let’s talk about Ambien. The FDA warns that Ambien’s effects can linger in bodies, especially in females.

What Is Ambien

According to WIKI, Ambien or Zolpidem, is a prescription medication used for the short-term treatment of insomnia, as well as some brain disorders.

Ambien is listed as a class C drug with the folks at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

So before you take Ambien for a sleep disorder, you should read the list of this potent sedative, because side effects of Ambien do exist.

Ambien Side Effects

* headache
* dizziness
* drowsiness
* difficulty walking
* diarrhea
* constipation
* difficulty walking without an unsteady gait
* flatulence
* shaking of the arms or legs
* appetite changes
* unusual dreams
* dry mouth
* dry throat
* unsteady balance
* heartburn
* tingling in the hands, feet, legs or arms
* pain or burning in the hands, feet, legs or arms
* tingling of the tongue
* burning or redness of the tongue
* ringing in the ears
* tingling in the ears
* itching in the ears
* redness of the eyes
* muscle aches
* joint pain
* back pain
* neck pain

Serious or Life Threatening Ambien Side Effects

* difficulty breathing
* difficulty swallowing
* rash
* hives
* swelling of the eyes, lips, tongue, throat or face
* rash
* itching hives
* itching
* throat closing up
* hoarseness
* shortness of breath
* pounding or racing heartbeat
* vomiting
* nausea
* chest pain
* blurred vision
* vision problems

As always, folks should contact their physician or health care facility immediately is serious side effects of Ambien should occur.

Some folks could suffer a severe allergic reaction to Ambien. So, if a severe allergic reaction occurs, STOP taking the medication and seek medical care.

In some case studies, people suffering from an allergic reaction to Ambien (Zolpidem Tartrate) have driven a car, had conversations, do other activities, but have no recall of the action later.

Ambien Allergic Reactions

* hives
* swelling of the face
* swelling of the lips
* swelling of the tongue and throat
* difficulty breathing.

Accidental Ambien overdose could occur, so if Ambien overdose is suspected, promtly call the poison control center, and if that person is not breathing dial 911.

Symptoms of Ambien Overdose

* excessive drowsiness
* slowed breathing
* slowed heartbeat
* coma


  • When you watch this video about Ambien, you will see that Ambien can cause impaired thinking.
  • The ambien side effects of the drug on pregnancy or to the unborn child is unknown.
  • After taking Ambien during the night, do not operate a motor vehicle for at least four hours after waking up in the morning.
  • Ambien can leave the user feeling drowsy the next morning.
  • Never take Ambien with alcohol or after consuming alcohol during the day.

FDA Warns That Ambien’s Effects Can Linger In Bodies, but then—why did they approve this pharmaceutical drug to begin with?

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