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New Photos Of George Zimmerman

george zimmerman bloody nose photo New Photos Of George Zimmerman

New Photos Of George Zimmerman are out for the public to see from the night of the Trayvon Martin murder.

How many of you have gotten into fights and gotten a bloody nose…but then pulled out a gun and killed someone half you age and size—claiming self defense?

What a baby. If Zimmerman had not stalked Trayvon Martin like the police told him not too—we would not be having this conversation.

trayvon martin3 New Photos Of George Zimmerman

How they are going to make this young man, Martin out to be a Karate Kid King with a violent history.

So, for those of you who have your children in self defense classes, keep them away from George Zimmerman.

For the full story of New Photos Of George Zimmerman, go to CNN News.

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One Response to “New Photos Of George Zimmerman”
  1. Carol says:

    Zimmerman should have never been carrying a weapon at all but Trayvon is NO innocent little child either.

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