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Florida Lottery Murder Trial-Dee Dee Moore-Abraham Shakespeare

dee dee moore (1) Florida Lottery Murder Trial Dee Dee Moore Abraham Shakespeare

Murdered Florida Millionaire Update:Dorice Donegan Moore AKA/Dee Dee Moore, a Florida woman on trial for allegedly swindling money from a multi-million dollar lottery winner, Abraham Shakespeare.

Moore is also accused of killing Shakespeare, by shooting him twice in the chest, and then burying his body in her back yard. Finally covering his remains with a freshly poured cement slab.

Today, Moore stated that she went into anaphylactic shock while in jail overnight. Perhaps she was choking on her own lies and deceit—BBAC is not sure?

Tampa Judge Emmett Battles who is presiding over the case discovered Moore had been ill, when Moore told the judge she went into shock after taking medication and was then admitted to the infirmary and put on 24-hour watch. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Abraham Shakespeare Florida Lottery Murder Trial Dee Dee Moore Abraham Shakespeare

Photo: Abraham Shakespeare before his disappearance.

Moore stated, “I was having anaphylactic shock, sir, because they gave me a medicine called Bactrim for a kidney infection. I had an allergic reaction to it, and my tongue swelled up really bad last night and they admitted me into the infirmary.”

Dee Dee Moore also told the court that she was having problems with cuts on her ankles from being cuffed every day.

Hey Dee Dee, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

Moore taunted Abraham Shakespeare’s family for over a year, telling them all sorts of lies about his well being and his location. Even telling them that Shakespeare had AIDES and gone to California. Moore also had someone call impersonating Shakespeare and speak to his mother.

Dee Dee Moore, 40, is charged with first-degree murder of Abraham Shakespeare, in April of 2009. Prosecutors say Moore, befriended Shakespeare, when he won $31 million in a Florida lottery.

After he went through most of the winnings (he took a lump sum of 11 million), she agreed to manage what little he had left—but instead, prosecutors say that Moore stole his money and finally killed him.

BBAC is surprised that Jose Baez of the Casey Anthony case is not involved in the case of the Florida Lottery Murder Trial-Dee Dee Moore-Abraham Shakespeare. For more information on the Moore-Shakespeare Lotto murder case, go to ABC News.

Dee Dee Moore Photo Credit:Jay Conner/The Tampa Tribune/AP

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